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1 x Mouse called Wolf, A
2 x Frog and Toad All Year; Days with Frog and Toad
1 x Early Settlers in Canada
1 x Pets
4 x Les chats
2 x April Raintree
3 x Les coccinelles
4 x Les baleines
8 x Bullying: Help for Students
2 x Eagles
2 x Ducks
2 x Flat Stanley
3 x Les rongeurs
2 x Australian Animals
3 x Les insectes
2 x Aztecs, The
1 x Insects
2 x Birds
2 x Eragon, Part 2 ('Vision of Perfection - The Mourning Sage')
2 x Bears
2 x Eragon, Part 1 ('Prologue - A Costly Mistake')
1 x Foundations of Medieval Europe, The
1 x Geography
2 x Cats
1 x Hockey
2 x Butterflies
1 x Getting Mad: Help for Students
1 x Byzantine and Islamic Civilizations
1 x Freak the Mighty
2 x Dogs
1 x Eternal Spring of Mr. Ito, The
1 x Copper Sunrise
1 x Environment, The
1 x Forbidden City
5 x Canada: Who are We and Where are we Going?
1 x Brazil
2 x Basketball
3 x Advanced Geography
1 x Ladybugs
2 x Bats
1 x Energy
2 x Counselling 4 Pack: Bullying; Divorce-Help for Students; Drug Pr
1 x Frogs
2 x Farm Animals
2 x Dinosaurs
1 x Skeleton Man
2 x Pigs; The Paper Bag Princess; Purple, Green and Yellow
3 x Frog and Toad are Friends; Frog and Toad Together
1 x Math Essentials Book 8: Consumer Math
1 x Math Essentials Book 7: Work, Wages and Taxes
1 x Math Essentials Book 4 : Measurement and Geometry
1 x Math Essentials Book 5 : Triangles and Pythagoras
1 x Math Essentials Book 2 : Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
1 x Math Essentials Book 3 : Adding and Substracting Fractions
1 x Math Essentials, Book 9 : Interest
1 x Math Essentials Book 6: Trigonometry
1 x Math Essentials Book 1 : BEDMAS
3 x Les chiens
1 x Les dinosaures
1 x Le Systéme solaire
1 x Les manchots
1 x L'Univers
1 x Le gouvernment du Canada
1 x Freckle Juice
2 x Henry and Mudge set of stories
1 x Nate the Great; Nate & the Missing Key; Nate & the Crunchy Xmas
1 x My Father’s Dragon
3 x Amelia Bedelia; Amelia Goes Camping; Good Driving, Amelia
1 x Fantastic Mr. Fox
1 x How to Eat Fried Worms
3 x Colonies in the Wilderness
1 x Horses
1 x Good Touching and Bad Touching
1 x Catherine, Called Birdy
2 x Exploring the Seashore
1 x Daniel's Story
1 x Canada : 1783 - 1825
1 x Animal Farm
2 x Breadwinner, The
1 x Canada and World War I
1 x Circulation, Excretion and Respiration
1 x Because of Winn-Dixie
1 x Bells on Finland Street, The
1 x Cell Reproduction
4 x Cariboo Runaway
3 x Billionaire’s Curse, The
1 x Early People and Early Civilizations
1 x Canada : 1867 - 1900
1 x Forest Fires
2 x Circulatory System, The
2 x Canada in Space
1 x Christmas Carol, A
1 x A Visit to British Columbia – A Student Guide
1 x Banner in the Sky
1 x Endangered Animals
2 x Best School Year Ever, The
2 x Castle in the Attic, The
1 x Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The
1 x Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
1 x Ancient Greece
1 x Bud, Not Buddy
1 x Chrysalids, The
1 x Canada : 1815 - 1867
1 x Charlotte's Web
1 x Anne Frank : The Diary of a Young Girl
1 x Canada : 1600 - 1783
1 x Days of Terror
1 x Classification of Living Things
1 x Chocolate Fever
2 x Call it Courage
1 x China
1 x Cell Biology
2 x Basic Elements of the Short Story (for "Sightlines 8" and "Insid
1 x Canada and World War II
1 x A Visit to British Columbia – Student Guide
1 x Basic Elements of the Short Story (Generic version)
1 x Ancient Rome
1 x April Raintree
1 x Ancient Egypt
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